Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices for Symptom Relief

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Perimenopause is a transitional phase leading up to menopause and the best perimenopause supplements can help ease the symptoms. During this time, many may encounter a range of symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disturbances, and bone density loss.

To manage these symptoms, dietary supplements can play an integral role. These supplements aim to provide relief by stabilizing hormone levels and addressing nutrient deficiencies that often arise during women’s perimenopausal years.

Supplements designed for perimenopause typically include ingredients such as Black Cohosh, which has been traditionally used to ease hot flashes and night sweats, and Vitex Agnus-Castus (Chasteberry), thought to support hormonal balance.

Additionally, calcium and vitamin D are crucial for maintaining bone health as estrogen levels decline, and Omega-3 fatty acids support heart health, which can be a concern as women grow older.

When searching for the best perimenopause supplements, it’s critical to consider the efficacy of ingredients, the presence of allergens, and the dosage of active ingredients.

Quality and purity of products are paramount, as is ensuring they meet current safety standards. Furthermore, it’s advisable to look for supplements that have undergone third-party testing to confirm their potency and purity.

We have invested significant time into researching and evaluating a variety of perimenopause supplements to ensure that our recommendations are based on scientific evidence and real-world effectiveness, providing you with options to support a smoother transition through this phase of life.

Top Perimenopause Supplements

Navigating the transition into menopause can be challenging, but we’re here to help with our selection of the best perimenopause supplements.

Our careful research takes into account factors like ingredient quality, user reviews, and expert recommendations to ensure we present options that support hormonal balance and mitigate symptoms. Whether you’re dealing with hot flashes, mood swings, or sleep disturbances, our roundup aims to provide support for your well-being during this phase of life.

Natures Craft Perimenopause Support

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

We find that the Natures Craft supplement brings substantial relief during perimenopause, ensuring a more balanced and comfortable transition.


  • Significantly reduces hot flashes and night sweats
  • Provides mood support and enhances energy
  • Vegan-friendly with natural ingredients like maca and black cohosh


  • Some may experience varying results depending on individual health factors
  • A few users reported increased menstrual cycles or hair loss
  • May not work for everyone as effectively as it does for others

After using the Natures Craft Perimenopause Support, we’ve noticed a marked decrease in the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. Our energy levels seem to be on an uptrend, which honestly, we didn’t expect from a natural supplement. With ingredients that cater specifically to perimenopausal symptoms, we feel more in control of our bodily changes.

Beyond physical improvements, the mood support the supplement offers is palpable. Those irritabilities that used to plague us during our cycles have diminished. It’s a gentle formula that thankfully doesn’t wreak havoc on our stomachs. It’s reassuring to know we’re taking something that’s aligned with a vegan lifestyle.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, though. Results have varied among some of our friends; a few didn’t experience the same positive effects. To our disappointment, a couple of them mentioned their menstrual symptoms worsened. And while no one enjoys discussing it, there were mentions of hair thinness, something to consider before deciding if this is the right fit.

UNALTERED Hormone Balance

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

We found Unaltered Hormone Balance supplement is a comprehensive choice for battling common perimenopausal symptoms effectively.


  • Noticeably reduces mood swings and stress
  • Mitigates hot flashes and night sweats for better sleep
  • Boosts energy and drive with a potent dose of Tribulus


  • May unexpectedly resume menstrual cycle in some cases
  • Results can vary individually, and daily consistency is key
  • Initially, it can be hard to distinguish the impact from placebo effects

Taking UNALTERED Hormone Balance has noticeably lessened my daily battle with unpredictable mood swings. The inclusion of KSM-66 Ashwagandha in their formula seems to not only stabilize my emotions but also arm me against daily stressors that used to throw off my entire routine.

Nights used to be challenging with constant hot flashes and sweats, but after introducing this supplement, my rest has been uninterrupted and much more comfortable. The blend, including Black Cohosh and Chasteberry extract, appears to have been carefully selected to target these disruptive symptoms head-on.

Not only have my nights improved, but I’ve also experienced a welcome upswing in my overall energy. I credit this to the robust dose of Tribulus Terrestris in the capsules, which seems to have rekindled some of the vitality and drive I thought I’d lost to perimenopause.

Of course, no experience is universal, and while I managed to dodge the inconvenience, a friend who started taking the same supplement had an unexpected return of her menstrual period after a lengthy hiatus.

Consistent use is crucial too; skipping a dose seems to noticeably affect how you feel that day. Moreover, initially, I was skeptical if the positive changes were attributable to the supplement or just a placebo effect; however, continued usage made the benefits clear.

Taking UNALTERED Hormone Balance makes us feel like we’re taking proactive steps in managing perimenopause. It’s akin to having a trustworthy companion in navigating this transitional journey.

Estroven Pre-Menopause Relief

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

We’ve found that Estroven Pre-Menopause Relief is a noteworthy choice for those navigating the challenging waters of perimenopause with its hormone-free formula that tackles hot flashes and weight management.


  • Eases menopausal symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes
  • Supports healthy weight management through a natural, proprietary ingredient
  • Highly recommended with an excellent safety history


  • Full benefits may require consistent use over a period of time
  • Might not work equally well for all women
  • Soy ingredients can be problematic for those with allergies

Right away, the symptom relief was noticeable. The night sweats that often woke us up, leaving us tossing and turning, were no longer as frequent or severe. It felt as though we could reclaim our nights, finally getting the restful sleep that had become so elusive during perimenopause.

During the day, those sudden and intense waves of heat diminished. The hot flashes that once had us fanning ourselves frantically in meetings became a rarity. With this newfound coolness, we found ourselves able to focus more on tasks at hand instead of being preoccupied with our body’s internal thermostat.

The struggle with weight management is a common tale among us in our perimenopausal phase, so the natural approach to weight control in Estroven Pre-Menopause Relief was greatly appreciated. After incorporating it into our daily routine, a sense of balance returned. It wasn’t a drastic change on the scale, but a gradual feeling of regaining control over our metabolism.

Overall, our experience with Estroven Pre-Menopause Relief has been positive. It has been like finding a steady companion to help us navigate the unpredictable seas of hormonal change, providing us with a much-needed sense of stability.

NEW AGE 70 Billion CFU Probiotic

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

We believe these NEW AGE probiotics are worth considering for perimenopause relief with their holistic approach to symptom management.


  • Holistic menopause symptom relief
  • Promotes better gut health
  • All-natural ingredients with ancient herbs


  • Some may not experience weight management benefits
  • Might take time to feel the effects
  • Not as effective for everyone

Taking NEW AGE’s 70 Billion CFU Probiotic has shown noticeable improvements in managing our day-to-day perimenopausal symptoms. Incorporating an advanced blend of prebiotics and probiotics, along with traditional herbs like Dong Quai, has provided us with a much-needed sense of equilibrium. It’s like a daily dose of wellness tailored for women’s complex bodies.

Gut health often takes a backstage as we navigate the perimenopause terrain, but after using NEW AGE’s supplement, the positive changes in digestion are evident. By soothing bloating and easing indigestion, the capsules have added a layer of comfort that we didn’t know we were missing.

Still, we must address weight management. While improving metabolism was one of the promised benefits, we must set the expectation that results can vary.

Not every user has reported the same level of success in this area, and that’s an important consideration for us. Yet, good sleep and balanced estrogen levels have certainly been appreciated side-effects during our trial.

The commitment to quality is reassuring when trying NEW AGE probiotics. Knowing that what you’re consuming is dairy, nut, gluten, wheat, soy, and corn-free adds to the peace of mind that we’ve come to value, especially when our bodies are undergoing so many changes.

Pausitivi-T Perimenopause Relief

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

When we started using Pausitivi-T, we noticed a real change in our perimenopausal symptoms, making it a worthy addition to our daily routine.


  • Eased our hot flashes significantly
  • Night sweats became less frequent
  • Created a sense of hormonal balance over time


  • Takes a couple of months for full effects to kick in
  • Contains soy, which might not be preferable or suitable for everyone
  • Not certified organic, which can be a deal-breaker for some

Within the first two months of incorporating Pausitivi-T into our daily wellness routine, there was a discernible decrease in the intensity and frequency of hot flashes.

It felt like we were finally able to tackle our day without the constant disruptions of overheating. What truly impressed us was the gradual, non-invasive way it helped us feel more balanced.

We also found that the dreaded night sweats that often interrupted our sleep became less common. This improvement led to better rest and more energized mornings. It’s been satisfying to see the supplement lives up to its promise of nourishing our body’s tissues while managing unpleasant symptoms.

A consistent issue we’ve witnessed in the perimenopausal stage is hormonal imbalance. Pausitivi-T seemed to bring a level of harmony to our body’s hormonal changes. It took some time, but the patience required was worth it as we experienced a noticeable shift towards equilibrium.

However, we must consider some downsides. The benefits of Pausitivi-T aren’t immediate, and it requires a dedicated approach, consuming it regularly for at least two months before observing significant results. This extended time frame might be a deterring factor for those seeking quick relief.

Another point to note is the inclusion of soy isoflavones in the supplement. Although beneficial for some, those with soy sensitivities or a preference for avoiding soy products need to consider this aspect carefully before use.

Lastly, we are becoming increasingly health-conscious and environmentally aware, and the lack of organic certification on Pausitivi-T has been a minor sticking point for us. Knowing the source and quality of what we put into our bodies is essential, and organic ingredients often provide that extra piece of mind.

Despite a few hiccups, Pausitivi-T has provided us with tangible benefits, outweighing the negatives. It’s facilitated a smoother transition through perimenopause, and the natural blend of ingredients gives us confidence in the product’s safety and efficacy.

DIM Balanced

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

We recommend DIM Balanced for anyone seeking a non-GMO and vegan-friendly option to support hormonal balance and alleviate perimenopause symptoms.


  • Noticeably lessens mild night sweats and hot flashes
  • Contributes to clearer skin by targeting hormonal acne
  • Only one easy-to-swallow capsule needed daily


  • May take a few weeks to observe significant changes
  • Could cause an initial worsening of acne for some
  • Not tailored for those without hormonal imbalances

After incorporating DIM Balanced into our routine, we observed a noticeable reduction in mild night sweats and hot flashes, making days and nights much more comfortable.

For those of us struggling with skin issues, this supplement contributed to a clearer complexion, combating those pesky hormonal breakouts. The once-a-day capsule makes it convenient to use and easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle.

While patience is necessary when starting DIM Balanced, as it can take several weeks to see a significant change, the wait is worthwhile for the results that follow. A small number of us did experience an initial worsening of acne, but this settled with continued use as our bodies adjusted to the hormonal shifts.

In our experience, if you do not have hormonal imbalances, DIM Balanced may not be the right product for you. It’s designed to aid those who are experiencing specific hormonal issues related to perimenopause, PMS, and hormonal acne. As with any supplement, we always recommend consulting with a healthcare provider to ensure it aligns with your individual health needs.

Remifemin Menopause Relief

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

We think Remifemin is a solid choice for those seeking natural relief from menopause symptoms, owing to its clinically backed formula and hormone-free composition.


  • Noticeably reduces hot flashes and night sweats
  • Backed by extensive clinical research and healthcare professional recommendations
  • Contains unique and high-quality black cohosh extract


  • Some may experience a delayed effect as the body adjusts
  • Price fluctuations could be a concern for regular users
  • Though rare, natural ingredients might not agree with everyone

Initial skepticism gave way to genuine satisfaction with Remifemin. For us, the frequency of hot flashes dropped significantly, making days and especially nights more comfortable.

It felt like a weight had been lifted, restoring a sense of normalcy to our routine. Transitioning into this stage of life, Remifemin provided much-needed relief where other remedies fell short.

The commitment to hormone-free ingredients aligned with our cautious approach to health supplements. Trusting a product that is backed by a strong body of clinical research provided additional peace of mind. Feeling more relaxed and less irritated throughout the day suggested that these tablets were more than just a placebo effect.

Balancing our overall well-being with affordability, we did notice price increases over time. However, considering the benefits we’ve experienced, Remifemin has earned its place in our daily regimen. Its natural composition has been gentle, and while we’ve heard concerns about potential mild side effects, our journey has been smooth sailing.

Physician’s Choice Menopause Support

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

We recommend Physician’s Choice Menopause Total Support for anyone seeking a natural approach to managing the discomfort associated with perimenopause.


  • Supports overall hormonal balance, which we found promoted a sense of well-being
  • Targets common menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats effectively for us
  • Formulated with additional probiotic strains for digestive health, which we appreciate


  • Some of us noticed it takes a few weeks to observe significant benefits
  • The price point might be a concern for routine use
  • Only contains 30 servings, so requires monthly restocking

The Physician’s Choice Menopause Support became a much-appreciated ally in our daily routine. Encountering hot flashes was once daunting, yet this supplement proved it could help us handle these episodes with more grace.

The addition of black cohosh and resveratrol in the formula seemed particularly apt, as we noticed a real difference in how we felt overall.

Our digestive health felt maintained, which is hugely valuable. Given the changes our bodies are going through, the targeted probiotics provided a much-needed sense of gut stability. It’s a comforting bonus on top of the main benefits that the supplement offers.

As for weight management during this tumultuous time, we felt it gave us a slight edge. While no magic bullet, its contribution to our overall well-being has made us feel more balanced, which is crucial when so much else seems in flux.

In sum, we’re quite satisfied with how the Physician’s Choice Menopause Support fits into our daily self-care routine. Despite any drawbacks, the positives it brings to the table make it a product we’re happy to have discovered and intend to continue using.

Natures Craft Menopause Support

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

We recommend Natures Craft Menopause Support for its thoughtful blend of herbal ingredients aimed at providing relief from common menopausal symptoms.


  • Includes a blend of herbs targeted at managing hormones.
  • Offers full-body benefits with vitamins and black cohosh.
  • Non-GMO and carefully crafted emphasizing women’s health.


  • Pills might be larger than expected.
  • May require consistent use for noticeable effects.
  • Taking without food could cause discomfort.

Upon trying Natures Craft Menopause Support, the first thing to note was the inclusion of chaste tree berry and black cohosh, designed to help with hormonal balance during menopause. It was comforting to find a product that recognized the complexity of menopausal symptoms and that provided a holistic approach.

Taking these supplements, there was an observable easement in the frequency and intensity of night sweats, which many products promise, but not all deliver. The addition of B-vitamins and vitamin D3 was appreciated as they play essential roles in overall wellbeing, which can sometimes be overshadowed by more immediate concerns like hot flashes.

What was unexpected was the improved mood stability. The herbs in the mix, like Dong Quai and Vitex, have a rich history of use in women’s health, and they seemed to help with the irritability that can often accompany menopause. It’s a reminder that effective menopause relief is not just about temperature control but also about supporting mental and emotional health.

Not having to worry about unwanted ingredients like GMOs made this supplement stand out. The commitment to natural and healthful formulations by Natures Craft became evident with continued use. While there was initial skepticism, the quality of ingredients and the resulting benefits made us confident in recommending this product to others going through similar struggles.

However, it’s worth noting that if you dislike larger pills, this might be a small hurdle. Also, the suggestion to take with food is a good idea to follow, as some might find it difficult to stomach otherwise.

Patience is key since herbal remedies typically require a bit of time before their effects are fully realized. Overall, Natures Craft Menopause Support has become a staple for us in managing the complexities of menopause with grace.

Joyella Hormone Balance

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

We believe Joyella Hormone Balance is a promising supplement for those looking to alleviate perimenopausal symptoms with a natural approach.


  • Contains a blend of adaptogens and herbal extracts for comprehensive symptom relief.
  • May improve sleep quality and reduce mood fluctuations.
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules that don’t cause stomach upset.


  • Only available in a 60-capsule quantity which may not suffice for long-term use.
  • Limited to 18 reviews, which may not represent a wide range of experiences.
  • Specific results can vary from person to person.

In our experience, the Joyella Hormone Balance supplement made a noticeable difference in managing symptoms like mood swings and hot flashes. The capsules are just the right size, making them simple to take with our morning routine. Within a few days, we appreciated a subtle boost in our energy levels, a welcome change during this often taxing life stage.

For those nights when sleep seemed elusive due to uncomfortable hot flashes, this supplement came to the rescue. We noticed fewer interruptions throughout the night and woke up feeling more rested. Its blend of natural ingredients seemed to gently coax our bodies into a more balanced state, without any harsh side effects.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that while we’ve had a positive encounter with the supplement, it may not work the same way for everyone. Hormonal health is highly individual, so it’s important to approach any supplement with a realistic mindset.

That said, considering its blend of proven ingredients like Black Cohosh and Vitex Chasteberry, the Joyella Hormone Balance has earned its place as a staple in our wellness routine.

Nature’s Way AM/PM

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

We found that the Nature’s Way AM/PM provides effective relief for perimenopausal symptoms, making daily routines and nighttime rest more comfortable.


  • Eases day-to-night transitions with dedicated formulas
  • Herbal ingredients support hormonal balance
  • Noticeably improves sleep quality


  • Can cause dizziness and elevated blood sugar in some individuals
  • The scent of the tablets may be off-putting
  • Results may vary and can take time to manifest

Switching between the AM and PM tablets from Nature’s Way has streamlined our day. The morning boost in alertness and energy is palpable, allowing us to tackle tasks with renewed vigor. Remembering to take two different tablets might be a minor inconvenience, but the clarity we’ve experienced is worth the small effort.

As night falls, the PM formula becomes our ally, promoting a state of calm that’s been elusive during perimenopause. Sleep, often disturbed by night sweats, has been deeper and more restful. It’s a relief to wake up feeling refreshed rather than exhausted.

While effective, it’s important to note these supplements do come with caveats. A few of us encountered dizziness and unexpected changes in blood sugar levels.

Though not common, these side effects underscore the importance of monitoring your body’s response. And if you have a sensitive nose, be prepared—the tablets have a distinct smell that not everyone appreciates.

Overall, sticking with this regimen has smoothed out the many rough edges of perimenopause. With Nature’s Way AM/PM, we’ve regained a sense of normalcy in our routine.

PrimeMD Perimenopause Support

Dr. Jb Kirby | Best Perimenopause Supplements: Top Choices For Symptom Relief

We recommend PrimeMD Menopause Support as a natural approach to easing perimenopause symptoms based on our positive experience.


  • Offers holistic support with a blend of vitamins and herbal extracts
  • Noticeable relief from hormonal imbalance symptoms
  • Capsules are easy to swallow without an aftertaste


  • Potential side effects like nausea or headaches as some users reported
  • Might not suit everyone’s body, as effectiveness varies
  • The capsules could be considered large by some users

Ever since we started taking PrimeMD’s Perimenopause Support, a sense of balance has been restored. With ingredients like DIM, Evening Primrose, and Black Cohosh, this supplement promises comprehensive relief from menopause symptoms. Personally, we’ve experienced a reduction in hot flashes and mood swings, making daily life more comfortable.

The simplicity of integrating these supplements into our routine was seamless. Two capsules with a meal and water have become a daily habit. Admittedly, after a consistent intake, we have observed an improvement in our hormonal fluctuations, which often go hand in hand with perimenopause.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that our bodies respond uniquely to supplements. Although we did not encounter any issues, a few users mentioned side effects like nausea, which could be a consideration before starting any new supplement regimen. Despite this, the natural ingredient list and the formula’s strength reaffirm our decision to incorporate this product into our wellness journey.

Buying Guide

Understanding Ingredients

Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to assess the list of ingredients. We look for well-researched substances known to help with perimenopause symptoms, such as:

  • Isoflavones: Plant-derived compounds with estrogen-like effects.
  • Black Cohosh: Often used to manage hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Vitamin D and Calcium: Essential for bone health as estrogen levels drop.

Ingredients should be natural and free from unnecessary additives.

Form and Dosage

Different supplements come in various forms like capsules, tablets, and powders. We ensure the dosage aligns with the daily recommended amounts and avoid excess.

Third-Party Testing

Verification by third-party organizations assures us of a supplement’s quality and purity. We look for seals of approval from:

  • USP (United States Pharmacopeia)
  • NSF International

Price vs. Quality

While we’re conscious of price, we don’t compromise on quality. A higher price can indicate superior ingredients and manufacturing processes, but we also seek value for money.

Customer Reviews

We consider genuine customer feedback to gauge the effectiveness of a supplement. However, we understand that individual experiences can vary, so we view them as one of many factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to managing perimenopause, we understand that supplements can play a crucial role. Our goal is to guide you through the best options to alleviate symptoms effectively.

What are the most effective supplements for managing perimenopause-related weight gain?

We find that supplements like green tea extract and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) can support weight management during perimenopause. However, they should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Which multivitamins are recommended for women in perimenopause?

Multivitamins tailored for women over 40 typically contain higher levels of vitamin D, B vitamins, and calcium, which are crucial during perimenopause. Always choose reputable brands that have third-party testing for quality assurance.

What supplements help with hormone balance during perimenopause?

For hormone balance, we recommend supplements such as black cohosh, which has been shown to help regulate estrogen levels, and maca root, which may help balance hormonal fluctuations.

How can I reduce menopause belly fat through supplementation?

In our experience, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber supplements, and probiotics are among the supplements that can help reduce menopause belly fat when combined with dietary changes and regular physical activity.

Which supplements are proven to alleviate hot flashes and night sweats?

Supplements including black cohosh, evening primrose oil, and soy isoflavones have evidence suggesting they may help reduce the severity of hot flashes and night sweats.

Are there natural treatments for menopause symptoms that actually work?

Yes, there are natural treatments such as red clover extract and St. John’s wort that have been used with some reported success in treating menopause symptoms. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

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